Business Setup

(Note: Businesses are displayed on the BlossomBookings User App)

Step 1

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Step 2

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Step 3

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Step 4

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Step 5

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Step 6

BlossomBookings Stripe-through-blossombookings Business Setup


Every business starts with the Freemium package.

To get the best out of your profile, every business can upgrade for free to unlock all extra features!
Upgrade by clicking Subscriptions on the top bar, or by going to My Subscriptions (clicking your business icon in the top right corner of the page and opening the drop-down menu).

Select any plan to upgrade to, choose 1 or 6 months (only they are free), then click Buy to upgrade!
You can also choose to purchase an Add-on Package here also (Explore or Featured).

BlossomBookings Subscription-Page-2 Business Setup


In the Business Profiles page (from the drop down menu – clicking your business icon in top right of the page), the View Profile button will take you to your business profile page.

Depending on which subscription package you have, you will be able to add, edit and display your:

– Main profile picture
(Top left picture – Must click Update once you have uploaded a new photo)
– Businesses description
(About your business)
– Business Opening Times
– Business photos
– Website
(Must start with: https://)
– Phone number
– Social media links (Must start with: https://)

BlossomBookings Screen-Shot-2022-04-25-at-9.44.51-am Business Setup

Whether your business sells products, takes service bookings or does both, we have made it easy for you to create and display them on your profile!

1 – In the Services page (located on the top menu), you will first need to select a branch.
2 – Depending on if you want to create a Service or Product, you then need to select Services or Products.
3 – Upon selecting Services/Products, you then need to create Categories that you would like your listings to display under.
4 – Once you have created your Categories, click the Category you just created to select it and then add a Product/Service by clicking +adding new Services/Products.

BlossomBookings Services-Page Business Setup

PART 2a:
Adding a Service: Fill in the required details:

– Service name
Duration of the service (in minutes)
From Date/To date (you can put the previous day to anytime in the future, best to put at least 1 year in advance)

– Service price

Deposit required (No Deposit is pre-selected (you collect payments in-store). However, if you wish to collect payments directly through the app (via Partial Payment or Full Payment) then you need to create/connect a strip account from the email that was first sent to you)
Service description (explaining what the service is about)

Days and Times the Service is offered (To prefill the times according to your normal operating hours, select the checkbox above Days and Times)
BlossomBookings Services-Page-Service Business Setup

PART 2b:
Adding a Product: Fill in the required details:

- Product name
Product price
Stock Limit Required (this is your maximum quantity of stock)
Deposit required (No Deposit is pre-selected (you collect payments in-store). However, if you wish to collect payments through the app (via Partial Payment or Full Payment) then you need to create/connect a strip account from the email that was first sent to you)
Service description (explaining what the service is about).

BlossomBookings Services-Page-Product Business Setup

The Featured add on puts your business in the homepage Featured Listing and is an additional way to promote to local customers. The Featured add on is also distance limited for Users, meaning it gives your business a better chance to be seen by more local consumers.

To Activate the Featured add-on, go to the Business Profiles page and click the Featured button to activate it.

Displaying your business in the Explore categories gives your business more exposure to consumers looking for engaging things to do. It helps reach more consumers that are looking for “something to do.”

Once you have subscribed to the Explore package, select the Branch that you want promoted. Choose your most appropriate Explore Category, enter a captivating name and upload an attractive picture.
(BlossomBookings Tip: To help draw customers to your profile, use a fun and exciting name with a different captivating picture. This will help attract more customers!)

BlossomBookings Explore-1 Business Setup

A great way to get customers attention is to advertise that you are having a special. Customers can use a Coupon Code that you create to give either a fixed amount discount or a percentage off the price discount. This is an additional discount on top of any other discounts. You can set dates that a code can be used between, choose how many times a code can be used, or even select if you want a fixed discount price or percentage reduced. The choice is yours!

BlossomBookings Discounts-Page Business Setup

To create product/service listings and accept payments online, you first need to connect or create a Stripe account.
We use Stripe as our payment gateway so you can take customer payments securely.

BlossomBookings Stripe-through-blossombookings-1 Business Setup

Once your Stripe account has been created, you will receive a verification email from Stripe. Check your Stripe dashboard that you don’t need to provide any other verification information (it will tell you). If you do need to provide more information, you can do this by going to Settings > Account Details.

BlossomBookings Stripe-through-blossombookings-settings-page-2 Business Setup

As your Stripe account is connected through our system, you only need to view or configure items in Dashboard, Payments and Balances tabs, nothing else.

If any refunds are to be processed, you are able to do that from the Payments tab.

BlossomBookings Stripe-through-blossombookings-payments-page Business Setup

We also recommend that you change your payout schedule to weekly, as this can simplify the process of returning funds.

BlossomBookings Stripe-through-blossombookings-payout-page Business Setup

Every booking that is made can be seen in the Bookings page along with all their details. You will be able to see the status of each booking, view the customers details, identify what payments have been made, what payments are remaining, and if required you can also amend any booking.

BlossomBookings Bookings-Page-Main Business Setup
BlossomBookings Bookings-Detail-Page Business Setup

You can build a staff roster by adding staff members. Not only can you create a staffing roster, but you can also allocate staff members to specific Services. Meaning a customer can select a particular staff member to carry out a Service.

In the Staff page (click Staff in the top menu) select which branch you want to view and configure staff to. Add a new staff member by clicking Add New Staff and fill in the appropriate details making sure to select the exact Services that you are wanting that staff member to be allocated to. You will then need to allocate the times the staff member is available to work (or preselect the businesses operating hours), enter a date when you want the roster to start (or any day in the past if they are already working) and how often you want their work roster repeated. Once the staff member is allocated to the services selected, a customer can select those staff members for the service.BlossomBookings Staff-New Business Setup

BlossomBookings Staff-Roster Business Setup

Business FAQ

Almost all businesses throughout Australia can showcase their business on BlossomBookings! We have a large selection of industries and many sub-industries to accommodate. However there is a small minority of businesses that we are unable to display (explained in our Terms & Conditions).

There is no commission taken from your bookings or purchases that BlossomBookings take. All the revenue that you generate from any bookings or purchases belong to you. However, because we use a payment gateway to accept online payments, any online payment received will incur fees associated to the payment gateway, Stripe.

After signing up, all you need to do is create a connected Stripe account – which will be emailed to you. We use Stripe as our payment gateway to accept customer payments and your new Strip account will be connected to ours. This means that once you have created your Stripe account you will automatically be able to accept payments.

Every business begins with the Freemium subscription and it is completely FREE.
You can showcase your business, make bookings and receive sales all for FREE with your Freemium account.

However, if you are wanting more features you can upgrade to the following packages:

Basic Plan – $65/Month
Premium Plan – $95/Month
Elite Plan – $299/Month

If you would like to upgrade your package to more features, you can simply go into My Subscriptions and upgrade packages. Similarly, you can also downgrade from your current premium package. You are also able to stop your auto-renewal subscription by clicking the the subscription toggle button. This will revert your subscription back to the Freemium subscription once your renewal expires.
Note: If upgrading/downgrading to a different subscription package, it will cancel your current package and start the new subscription straight away.

Every business that signs up will begin with the free Freemium account. From the date of signup we will also give you 30 days to trial our higher subscription packages (Basic, Premium, Elite) for free!
From time to time we may also offer additional discounts. However, these will be subject to special promotions that we will announce.

Billings of subscriptions will auto-renew when the subscription date ends. This means you will be billed again for the same subscription. If you wish to downgrade to the Freemium you must do this 7 days prior to your subscription end date.

Don't forget to download the Vendor App

Business (Vendor) App

The Vendor App is specifically designed for businesses to manage bookings and purchases more easily. Any staff member can use the Vendor App and manage all the bookings without altering any of the main business essentials.

Requests are Services that have been booked by the customer but need approval. You need to confirm all requests as this will notify the customer that their booking has been approved. If you find that you have an issue with the booking (already have a booking on that time, staff unavailable, cannot accommodate that time, etc.) you can amend the booking date or time. However, you must contact the customer and discuss with them another suitable date/time before you can amend the request.
Products however are auto-confirmed as they are limited to their availability rather than a required date or time. They will not show up in the Request section but will be shown in the Upcoming bookings.

If for whatever reason you need to cancel a booking, click on the booking to view the booking details, and select Reject at the bottom of the screen. This will be automatically cancelled on both the Vendor App and the customers end also.

Upcoming section is where Services and Products have been confirmed but are still to occur or be collected. After the Services have occurred or the Products have been collected, you can mark the upcoming bookings as completed. This will then move the bookings from the Upcoming section into the History tab.

If you are still needing to amend a Service booking date/time after you have confirmed the times, you can amend the booking date/time by clicking on the booking, view the booking details, then click Amend.

Similarly, you can also reject a booking by selecting the booking details page and clicking on Reject.

This is where you can see all bookings for every Service and Product that was generated. You will be able to see the result for each booking or if they were cancelled.

If you need to create a booking for a customer, you can do this simply by clicking the Create Booking sign ( + ). You can then select between either the Services or Products. From that, you simply just need to fill in all the details and Add Booking. This will automatically generate a booking and place the booking into Upcoming Bookings.

You can view what new bookings have been made and brief details about them. If you do not wish to see the Notifications come through, you can turn them off by going to the Account tab and switching the Notifications off.

You can view customer payments by clicking the (i) symbol in each payment section. This will show you the breakdown of the associated costings. This is helpful when needing to identify what the remaining in-store payment is and the discounts given.

If you are wanting to achieve better business awareness and visibility, you can select the Explore or Featured Packages.

Explore allows specific vendors (businesses that are directly associated with an Explore Category*) to promote their business in a more interactive way by showcasing a fun name or activity and having a different display picture. It is a special feature that showcases specific categories of fun and entertainment on the customer app homepage that would otherwise not be shown from a vendors main business name and picture.
*The Explore add-on is only available to businesses that can directly associate within an Explore Category (Adventures & Activities; Events & Performances; Family; Health, Wellbeing & Beauty; Quirky Fun; Special Stays & Accommodation; Thrill Seekers)

This Featured add-on puts your business on the homepage Featured listing. It is an additional way to promote your business and get more visibility. In your favour, we have also added this Feature add-on to be distance limited. Meaning you have less competition for customers that are closest to you!