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BlossomBookings is the next big consumer-to-business marketplace app. It is an online business marketplace app and booking/purchasing platform which ingeniously allows local businesses to advertise their business, sell their products and make bookings for their services directly with local consumers.
Simply put, BlossomBookings is an all-in-one marketplace app to search, find, make bookings and purchase items from any Australian businesses.

It is a combination of a business-directory (where you can search and find any business) and a marketplace (ability to book/buy from businesses). Aside from being the most simple and convenient app to find businesses, we have also made the whole app user-friendly and easy to use. We have also integrated a mapping system into the home page making it more convenient to find any local business!

BlossomBookings provides a platform for businesses to promote their Services and Products to everyone (consumers). Our platform also helps consumers find businesses in a more convenient way and provides a simple way to book and/or purchase from businesses. Essentially, BlossomBookings is the medium to connect both a consumer and business together.

Any business can be found on BlossomBookings! If it’s not there yet, it soon will be. Unlike other apps, BlossomBookings is designed to accommodate all businesses from all industries and can promote and offer both a business’s services as well as sell products.

Of course we are going to say yes right!
BlossomBookings is an amazing platform to showcase your entire business. You can promote your business for free or upgrade and get all the additional benefits to really help boost your revenue. BlossomBookings is also aimed at helping you expand your business awareness and get the most bookings for your services and products.

Almost all businesses throughout Australia can showcase their business on BlossomBookings! We have a large selection of industries and many sub-industries to accommodate. However there is a small minority of businesses that we are unable to display (explained in our Terms & Conditions).

Of Course!
You can utilise our Freemium package and showcase your business for FREE! There are plenty of features to showcase your business and see what a basic profile would look like. However, if your business is after the best way to promote its Services and Products, there are also multiple upgradable subscriptions. 

That’s right!
We don’t take any commission on any of your sales! All of our Packages offer commission-free sales which means all the sales you make, stay with you!
(However, the partnering payment gateway that we use, Stripe, takes commission to process payments – See Stripes site for details)

On a vendor’s profile, any Service can be selected, and a booking can be made by selecting your best availability. Simply continue and pay for your booking (not all payments are always required*). Your booking status will change from pending to confirmed once the Vendor has approved the booking times. 

Products can also be purchased directly through the platform from any business. However, every Service or Product that is booked, will take place at the business’s location (Products will be collected from the business location).

*Each booking may be set up differently depending on how the business needs to structure their Service. It is up to the businesses own discretion on how each Service booking is set up.

The Explore feature is exactly what it says, explore! 

This special feature is where you go to when you don’t know what to do on the weekend, or you are looking for fun activities to do when you go away on holidays. 
It’s an engaging section that showcases different categories of fun and entertainment that would otherwise not be shown from a vendors main business name and picture.

Yes! The BlossomBookings app is available at both Apple Store and Play Store.

Yes! As a professional company, we are responsible for safeguarding both your personal and business-related details. We also understand privacy is very important to everyone, so we take appropriate measures to keep all of our data secure.

For businesses that have been offered special promotional discounts, these discounts are only available through the monthly payments. Once the time period for your special promotion has finished, the discounts will no longer exist.

User App

There are multiple ways of searching for businesses. You can use the home screen map to search all the local businesses in your area, use the search bar to seek any business name or category, or alternatively, select a particular industry and sub-industry to find different types of businesses.

This special feature is where you go to when you don’t know what to do on the weekend, or you are looking for fun activities to do when you go away on holidays. 
It’s an engaging section that showcases different categories of fun and entertainment that would otherwise not be shown from a vendors main business name and picture.

You will be able to see what each business offers once you click on a business profile. The business profile will showcase Services and Products and detailed information about the business. The Services and Products will display the main categories for which the Services and Products fall under. The About section shows the business’s opening hours, description, photos, and ratings by other customers.

Choose the Service that you wish to book and either add to cart or book now. You will need to select the booking dates and fill in any booking details that may be necessary to make a booking. Once you have completed the booking details, simply confirm and pay (some bookings won’t require a payment). You will receive a pending booking confirmation and once the business confirms your booking, the pending booking status will upgrade to confirmed. Congratulations! You have now successfully made a booking for your Service!

Choose the Product that you wish to purchase and either add to cart or purchase now. Once you have selected all the items you want, simply go through the details, check the amount you require, then go to payments. Make your payment and receive your purchase details confirmation.

If you are wanting to increase the amount of a product (purchase more than 1 of the same product), you can do this by adding the product to your cart. By adding the product to your cart you can then increase and decrease the amount of that particular item.

Of course you can! You can make as many bookings or orders as you like from multiple businesses.

(BlossomBookings Tip: Adding multiple vendors to your saved list can be a great way to help compare prices of other similar businesses)

All prices of Services and Products are set by the individual vendors. BlossomBookings does not set the price for any Service or Product, nor do we make any suggestions as to what any prices should be.

You can change your Service date or time, but you will need to contact the Vendor directly. Only the Vendor can amend the booking for you. The Vendor will be able to view all the available dates and times and reschedule your booking to another date or time that suits you.

Any Service or Product can be cancelled at any time. Any upfront payments will also be refunded (which may take up to 5 business days to be returned). However, some vendors may place a cancellation fee on a Service or Product which would be non-refundable. Make sure to check the booking details thoroughly in case a booking cancellation fee has been applied. 
(BlossomBookings Tip: Be nice to the vendors and explain your situation if you need to cancel last minute. This can help give the vendors a better understanding of your circumstances)

You will need to contact and deal with the vendors directly if you wish to return any product. If you need to cancel any Service or Product, a full refund will be given (excluding any cancellation fees). 
It is up to the vendors discretion if they place a cancellation fee on any Service or Product and the cancellation fees are non-refundable.

(BlossomBookings Tip: Always go through the booking details thoroughly. This will help you understand how a booking has been set by the vendors)

To help other users identify which businesses are good from bad, we encourage everyone to rate their bookings. Not only does leaving a star rating helps other user when choosing a business, but can also help businesses to improve their own services.
When making a comment about a product or service from a business, you should provide truthful and honest comments. If you feel unsatisfied with your service/product, we suggest you only leave the appropriate start rating with no comments. Comments that are defamatory in nature are subject to being removed.

Only in the strictest circumstances should you report a business. If you think fraud has taken place or a scam business has been set up, this is when you should report a business.

However, if you are disputing payments and prices, inadequate services, or defective/damaged products, this is something that is to be discussed between you and the vendor directly, not with us at BlossomBookings. You are welcome to leave a review and comment on the business when these situations arise.

You can simply pay with either your credit or debit card.

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