Supporting Local Businesses

Supporting local businesses by promoting, exposing, and connecting them with consumers in their local community!


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Supporting Businesses At The Local Level

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Boosting Tourism

Promote any tourism business in a more exclusive way through our Explore category. Get seen by more customers who are wanting to get out of the house and do something fun!

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Local Businesses

All businesses, from garage-made trinkets to large corporations, have the opportunity to list their business on BlossomBookings. Promote your business to more customers and help it generate more sales!

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Promoting Local Events

Not every consumer knows what local events are currently happening in the community or are upcoming. Event holders now have a more advanced way to promote and display their events!

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Assisting Charities

Every charity can use a little help! BlossomBookings is here to assist charities and fundraisers gain that needed assistance through their profile. Every donation is 100% commission free!

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Supporting Local Businesses - From All Industries

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Sports and Fitness

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Supporting All Local Businesses

Supporting Local Businesses - Charities & Fundraising

In today’s world your online presence speaks volumes about who you are but it's not always easy to get the attention you are wanting. Many fundraisers and charities go unnoticed without anyone knowing they even exist. The key to attracting funding is visibility and to prove that you have a noble cause.

Within BlossomBookings Explore feature, fundraisers and charities have the power to help unlock that visibility and promote for funding directly to the public.

Create and promote events

Reach the right audience with your message

Showcase events to help investment

Display fundraising amounts

Supporting Local Businesses - Events

Promoting adventures in the local community

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Like local markets

Helping increase participation for local events

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Like Fun Runs

Advertising awareness for upcoming events

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Like show days

Did you know there are many local events occurring all around us every week! Do others know they all exist? The answer is probably a no. Most people don't know there are local events happening unless huge amounts of money have been spent advertising them.

Within the BlossomBookings app, businesses are able to promote their events in an extra special way that helps attract local consumers better. This enhances greater visibility to your local event and a more simplified way for consumers to know your event exists.

Supporting Local Businesses - Tourism

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Promoting Local Tourism

In the pandemic-hit world, the tourism industry has been hit one of the hardest. As Australia starts to open back up, people are wanting to get out and enjoy life once again.

Traveling internationally and to exotic vacation spots now requires stricter compliances and the costings have become even more extravagant.

The Australian people are now looking towards their own localised tourism and vacationing.

BlossomBookings app provides a specifically designed "Explore" section that helps consumers find the experiences they are looking for. Most consumers don't exactly know what they are looking for until they stumble across something of interest.

Any tourism business can promote in this special Explore feature as it is designed to give consumers an enhanced way to find the experiences they are looking for. This benefits tourism businesses as it provides a more practical and convenient way to reach the consumer.

Easily Reaching Out To More Customers

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Partner With Us

BlossomBookings offers a unique opportunity to enlist your local business on a national platform, reaching a far larger chunk of customers. Once you list with us, your business will be available to a huge audience to book your services with a click.

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No Marketing Hassle

We take your marketing hassle out of the equation. Through our online booking service, you can promote your business to new heights without going through the marketing hassle yourself. Make more bookings and sell more products!

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Streamline Your Business for Better Efficiency

Not only do we provide an excellent and efficient online booking platform for your local business, you can also enjoy most of your operations in a more streamlined and well-organized manner.

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